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Salman Khan opens up about MARRIAGE!

Salman Khan


Salman Khan opens up about MARRIAGE!

When you hear (or in this case, read) the words Salman Khan and marriage in the same sentence, you’re bound to mentally throw a question at Bhai asking “When is it happening?! Just tell us already!”

But, Salman Khan doesn’t really roll that way. He is in the best phase of his career and at the age of 51, he can put many actors in their 30’s to shame and if it’s about having kids, he’s already toying with the idea of surrogacy. So, why should he bother himself with marriage?

But, even though it’s well known that Bhai will do things as he wishes to, he is still asked that question again and again, just like in a recent interview on TV!

When the inevitable question came up during the interview, all that Salman Khan had to say was, “Bahut saare logo ko meri shaadi ki chinta hai. Lekin jis waqt honi hogi woh hogi, nahi honi hai to nahi hogi.”

Check out the video right here:

Not so long ago, Salman said in an interview that “I believe in sex after marriage! Sex and marriage both have not happened in my life.”

Well, considering these words came from India’s most eligible bachelor, they are a bit hard to believe, no?

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