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Salman Khan to meet his “Dear friend” SRK on Bigg Boss 10!


Salman Khan to meet his “Dear friend” SRK on Bigg Boss 10!

Check this out! Salman and Shahrukh, the two night birds talking about their past as to how Salu Bhai’s family had looked after SRK and his folks when they had first come to Mumbai.

In an interview with a leading tabloid, SRK says, “People react to symbolism but life is deeper than memes and tweets. Since both of us are night birds, we get more chances to meet. We are happy when we meet each other. We are happy when we don’t meet also. I wish him health and happiness.

SRK wasn’t surprised about Salu Bhai’s acquittal in the 18-year-old Arms Act case yesterday. Since, more than anyone else it is Salu Bhai’s Fan who has felt triumphant over the positive outcome of the trial.

Further when asked whether King Khan would be meeting his dearest friend Salman to wish him on his acquittal, he smiled and replied, I’m going to the Bigg Boss house on the 20th.” Although SRK didn’t choose to comment about Salman’s acquittal but considering he spoke about Bigg Boss proves how he is looking forward to meet Salman.

Phew! This verdict really took a long time (almost 18 years) and finally our Salu Bhai is free which means no more Court appearances (for this case at least).

SRK and Salman will be seen together on the big screen after 10 years with Kabir Khan’s Tubelight. This brings excitement on King Khan’s face and he says, “Yes, I am doing a special role in the film. Salman’s a dear friend and I have known Kabir since his college days. So I’m doing it out of love for them. We have done the look test and will shoot for it. It is a very special scene featuring Salman and me. It comes at a very special juncture in the film. I can’t tell you more about it right now.”

We can’t wait to watch these two together again!

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