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Rochelle Rao: Our friendship and love is exactly like two school chumps share, no expectations!


Rochelle Rao: Our friendship and love is exactly like two school chumps share, no expectations!

Rochelle and Keith to tie the knot early next year!

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This cute couple was spotted in Big Boss last year and colors had asked Keith to propose to Rochelle publicly. Keith rejected the idea as he didn’t want to make it look like a public stunt as he truly loved Rochelle.

When asked about their sudden move of getting engaged this V-Day, they were quite content and shed some light on it. What we also got to know is that Keith’s show, Kya Tu Meri Lagey has just completed a year. So they have two reasons to celebrate this year!

This engagement of yours on Valentine’s Day happened quite suddenly…
Rochelle: Not really, our families were in the loop that we will soon get engaged. It’s just that Keith wanted to take me to snowy mountains. I asked him to go. He hadn’t told me what he had in mind! I thought that I would rather be in Mumbai because recently I have travelled quite a bit for work. But he shot back saying that he couldn’t go without me. That’s when it struck me that perhaps he had something special in mind. I made a few Inspector calls to our common friend to find out but to no avail. The next day on Valentine’s, I landed up at his house. He was calmly having dinner and seeing TV. I got impatient and a bit upset; this didn’t look like what I had expected.  And then suddenly, he got up and slipped a ring on my finger. I must say that I put cold water on his romantic plans.

Keith: Yeah man, but I think God decides every step of your life. And I think everything happens for the best. I have the love of my life with me and I am certainly not complaining.

When is the shaadi?
 No date set yet. Most likely early next year, but then you never know, it might happen earlier.

Are you guys living in?
 A live-in arrangement works for some people and I am not against it. But I would rather go the way that some questions remain unanswered till the right time.

Rochelle: No, we both are old-fashioned in a good way. In Mumbai, you have a certain set life. And you need to prepare your mind and heart that your life is going to change. Getting into that mould can happen only if you have time and space to yourself. Let’s go through the last few months before marriage in a healthy way. Now that I am going to get married, I realize that why some people are not game to rushing into things. I have begun to think like them. It’s already hitting you’ll that your life will change…Yes, and it’s good na? We are only getting to prepare for that.

Anything you’ll want to change about each other?
 No, else why would I have agreed to marry him? We are both very happy the way that things are set up right now. We are looking forward to having a nice home. He is such a nice, patient guy who does not react to my crazy ideas. Sometimes I get super excited, and sometimes….

Keith: Rochelle is a very real person. She will tell you there and then what she feels like, and will be the first one to apologies when she realizes that she has done something wrong. She is fine the way she is and I am fine with that…

There must be people around you who must be saying: Arre shaadi kyun kar rahe ho?
 Yes, people say things like ‘you are compromising’. I beg to differ. Keith and I are only going to grow together. I have a lot of friends who are in happy, healthy marriages. Our friendship and love is exactly the relationship that two school chumps share, no expectations from each other. I would rather look inside myself to learn what I can change in myself to make our future better.

Keith: Pagalpanti hoti rehti hai, I don’t think you lose your freedom when you get married. Lekin haan, if you keep thinking like that, you are definitely destined for doom. You should only imbibe strength from the partner.

Aww, this jodi is just too adorable!

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