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Rani Mukerji reveals the one film she has seen more than 20 times!

Rani Mukerji


Rani Mukerji reveals the one film she has seen more than 20 times!

Rani Mukerji, who just delivered a sleeper hit in the form of Hichki this year, was recently at Take 2, a podcast launched by Saavn’s ‘Original Programming’ catalog, hosted by ace critics Anupama Chopra and Rajeev Masand. While interacting with both of them, she spilled the beans on her favorite films.

Upon being asked which film she’ll watch if she had only 24 hours to live, this is what the actor said, “I think I would watch my dad’s movie ‘Leader’ because I think I have that connection with that film somewhere because he directed it and also on his birthday last year because he was no longer with us,  I actually had a screening in the studio and we got the print done and we saw Leader and I actually saw leader first time on the big screen in the way that people in the 50s or 60s would have watched it and I went crazy about Mr. Dilip Kumar, like I have always loved him but just the sheer magic of that man on screen. He was enigmatic  and that film was just so larger than life and it had those patriotic things because at that time was all about patriotism and loving your country and blah blah and so on and yet it had those beautiful songs that Vyjayanthimala danced on and she was this epitome of beauty you know and the grace that she bought into her dance there was no dancer like her at that point of time and Dilip Kumar he was just so magnetic like his personality the way he spoke his lines and so effortless you know that as an actor today I just wished that I was a leading lady at the time that he was doing films because I would just instantly fall in love with him and I can totally understand that why Saira Bano just fell for him because he was just so gorgeous and so good looking,  so I think Leader is one of those films.  

She added, ” I think that other film that I would probably watch would be Lamhe you know that’s one of  now he would be my father-in-law. Lamhe was one of those films that I watched as a kid and I was in love with the movie just the Sridevi was just the story you know it was so ahead of its time and today it has become a cult film so I think Lamhe would be one of those films just to bring back the memories that I had as a kid while watching it and going completely gaga over it you know the songs you know the performances and everything the way Anil Kapoor looked without his mustache for the first time you know there was all those things that were so new  at that point of time so yeah these are two movies that I would watch. Leader and Lamhe. Both with L, both about Love.”

And when quipped as to which film she has seen more than 20 times, she said, “Titanic, I just love that movie. In last 20 years seeing it more than 20 times is not bad.”

Here’s the link to the episode:-

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