Randhir Kapoor: Get-togethers are for Booze, women, sex and dirty jokes

The classic actor Randhir Kapoor turned 70 yesterday and has proved that he’s still young at heart. In a recent interview with an eminent tabloid, Randhir Kapoor, the father of two beautiful Bollywood Diva’s Karisma Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor spoke about his special plans with his family for his birthday.

Randhir said, “You don’t need preparations for a family gathering. We have one almost every night where we meet, laugh, get drunk and come back home. We’re one family that’s happy among ourselves.”

No one can resist knowing what happens at the Kapoor party! Talking about the deets of the party and its theme the veteran actor calmly replied, “Booze, women, sex, dirty jokes… what else?”

He further added saying, “We don’t sulk and cry on each other’s shoulders. We don’t do any bitching or back-biting about other people in the fraternity. We’re not even concerned about what anyone else is doing in life. We’re so busy among ourselves too busy to bother about others.”

When asked whether he keeps an eye on the lives of the young Kapoor’s in his family, the actor said, “We’re like the stock exchange we know everything that’s happening in the family. Since our kids are in the same profession, we all know how they’re placed. As a joke, maybe, we discuss their girlfriends, boyfriends, marriage etc, but not with an intention of interfering.”

We hope this old actor endures to be young at heart forever!

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