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Race 3: WHAT?! Salman Khan is responsible for the “Our Business” dialogue!

Race 3


Race 3: WHAT?! Salman Khan is responsible for the “Our Business” dialogue!

Ever since the then much-awaited trailer of the Salman Khan-starrer Race 3 has made it to the virtual world, fans and moviegoers have been in a state of frenzy. But, as is well known by now, one dialogue instantly became a hit amongst meme makers and trollers alike. You guessed it right, it’s the famous “Our Business” dialogue that Khan’s Jai Ho co-star, Daisy Shah could be seen mouthing in the 3-minute presentation.

Ever since the dialogue has fallen on our ears, we had been (sarcastically) applauding for who we thought were the masterminds behind it, namely the writers of the film, Shiraz Ahmed and Kiran Kotrial. But, it seems like none other than the Sikander of this soon-to-be-released Race, Salman Khan was the one who coined that dialogue.

Yes, you read that right! As per reports online, the dialogue that was assigned to the scene in question was something different (and perhaps even something better), but Salman believed that the original line lacked the punch, and hence he spontaneously came up with the line which is now the fodder for meme lords.

Now, it could either be the selfless Salman Khan taking the blame for the dialogue on himself or he did pen that dialogue down along with the lyrics of Selfish for REAL?

What’s your take on this? Let us know!

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