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Padmavati might cross ONE BIG HURDLE today!



Padmavati might cross ONE BIG HURDLE today!

Anyone who has ever heard the word Padmavati even in as much as a whispering voice in the past year or so is well aware that the film has had a VERY rocky road and certain religious groups have caused the release to be delayed to sometime next year. If you have some spare time and are urging to know more, feel free to scroll through ALL our Padmavati related articles.

For those who want to know in a nutshell, a lot of religious groups across the country, including a certain Karni Sena, have accused Bhansali of distorting history, while the story of Padmavati may well be nothing but a figment of the imagination of a certain poet who goes by the name of Malik Muhammad Jayasi. So, long story short, the rumours are BASELESS!

Also, to clear all the doubts surrounding the film, Bhansali and the rest of the makers held a special screening for select journalists, for which they received A LOT of flak from the CBFC, as they are ideally supposed to be the first people who will see the film.

But now, after all said and done, Padmavati is reportedly making rounds in the CBFC office today and might receive a certification by the end of the day!

Talking about what happened in the past, a source said, the CBFC had refused to certify Padmavati as the disclaimer (whether it is based on fiction or historical facts) had not been mentioned by the makers. Now, the new disclaimer has raised questions about how the film is viewed and certified by the CBFC.”

As far as the release of the film is concerned after the certification, the source said, “There’s been no official intimation from the producers. Whenever they plan to release it, we will be happy to give them the promised number of screens.”

Well, wonder what’s next in store for the Padmavati guys.

Stick to this space for the latest in Bollywood!

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