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Padmaavat: Shahid Kapoor FEELS PROUD of the film!



Padmaavat: Shahid Kapoor FEELS PROUD of the film!

Since the release of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magnum opus, Padmaavat, there has been mayhem amongst the audience and critics alike (The good kind of mayhem, we mean!)

And, even after 12 days of its release, it’s going strong like NO ONE’s business!

But, that’s not really the point here. There are films which do great business at the box office, while there are one who you’d keep in your library forever and show it to your own future generations. Those films are something that you will always be proud of doing, irrespective of its fate at the box office.

And, Shahid Kapoor, who essayed the character of a regal king for the first time ever on the silver screen, is also no exception to that.

Speaking about the success of the epic drama and how he feels about the film as a whole, he said, “10 years down the line, when I have a library of films, having my films worth sharing with my family, my children, Padmaavat will be there. I am the hero of a Bhansali film, the numbers are going nuts, all is good. Rest is history. One line here, one article there, someone’s making an opinion, someone’s biting into your insecurity is not going to draw you back.” 

Speaking about the initial apprehensions of doing a film that has two male leads already, he said, “There are very few films, written today, which are worthy of two big actors. When someone has the ability to write content of some quality, then actors will do it. How many Padmaavats are being made? Even Udta Punjab had a spectacular script and it came from nowhere and suddenly it had a huge cast. Of course, it took one year to cast the film. Diljit (Dosanjh) is a very big star in Punjab.”

Well, indeed Sasha. Agree or Agree?

Stick to this space for the latest in Bollywood!

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