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Padmaavat Row: Karni Sena chief still demands for nation-wide BAN



Padmaavat Row: Karni Sena chief still demands for nation-wide BAN

After a lot of struggle, the makers of Padmaavat finally got passed by the CBFC. But still, the obstacles for the film are increasing day by day.

After being BANNED from four states, now the Rajput Karni Sena wants to have a nationwide ban.

Lokendra Singh Kalvi said “I urge Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Chief Ministers to see our point of view. We want nothing less than a nation-wide ban on the film,

He warned that in case the film is released on January 25, “Republic Day celebrations will turn into a dark day as there will be all chances of a war-like situation in the country“.

We are also planning a big protest at Jantar Mantar in Delhi from January 22 where thousands of Rajputs from across the country will be gathering to stage a massive protest,” he said.

According to the Karni Sena, 1700 women have also registered their name to perform Jauhar (mass immolation) if the film is released. The men will go to cinema halls with swords to stop its screening.

The flick is based on the legend of Rani Padmini, a 13th century Hindu Rajput queen, mentioned in Padmaavat, an Avadhi poem written by Sufi poet Malik Muhammad Jayasi in 1540.

Should Padmaavat face a nationwide band? Let us know what do you think about the same in the comments below.

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