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Padmaavat: Deepika Padukone HITS BACK at Swara Bhasker!



Padmaavat: Deepika Padukone HITS BACK at Swara Bhasker!

While every cinegoer known to mankind is in complete awe of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s grand vision and character portrayal in Padmaavat, there are always those bad apples who are looking to spoil the whole basket.

One such example is Swara Bhasker, who claims that she felt reduced to a vagina after watching the film. So, in her dictionary, she probably equates that organ to a sign of weakness. WHAT WORLD IS SHE REALLY LIVING IN?

Although since the day she posted that infamous open letter, she has been receiving severe backlash and HOW!

And now, the latest entrant to the movement is the queen herself, Deepika Padukone, who, in the most elegant way possible, has made Bhasker’s letter as irrelevant as it can be.

While giving her thoughts on the same, she was recently quoted saying, “Let me put things in perspective. We are not endorsing jauhar. You must see the scene/practice in context to the period in which it was shown. And when you do that, you will realise, it’s so powerful. You do not feel like she is doing anything wrong. You want her to embrace the flames because she is going to be united with the man she loves.”   

Now, doesn’t this make sense or WHAT?!

What’s your take on this? Let us know!

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