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OMG: The sets of Tubelight almost got the makers in trouble!


OMG: The sets of Tubelight almost got the makers in trouble!

Here’s how the crew of Tubelight almost landed into trouble, courtesy Kabir Khan!

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If you have been through the teaser and the trailer of Tubelight, one thing you cannot miss for sure is the beautiful use of real locations. It shouldn’t come as a surprise since it’s a Kabir Khan film, who seemingly just cannot work in a normal studio set up.

Apart from the use of real locations, the one thing we cannot stop gushing over is the impeccable eye for detail that the director has when it comes to his sets.

Here is one such example right from the trailer of the film:

Doesn’t this army camp look too real to be called a film set? Well, the locals of Ladakh had the same opinion.

As per reports, once this particular set was in place, it looked so real that the locals actually became real suspicious and began believing that it’s an actual base camp. In the fit of this, they went ahead to warn the Manali police, who were obviously well aware of the shoot taking place.

Just so that they could make shooting an easier job for the crew, the Manali police explained everything to the concerned locals. They even announced everywhere possible that the suspicious army base camp in their close proximity is nothing but a film set. This calmed down the locals a lot and the shoot went on without any issues after that.

Kabir’s love for real locations is understandable, given that he was a documentary filmmaker before.

Kabir’s need for authenticity has never failed to amuse us and it is surely something we want to see once again in Salman Khan’s Tubelight.

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