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Om Puri’s flick refused to be rated by CBFC! Here’s why


Om Puri’s flick refused to be rated by CBFC! Here’s why

The Late Om Puri starrer Rambhajjan Zindabad has been refused to be certified by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). The movie, according to the Censor Board has “direct and indirect references” to the politics in Uttar Pradesh.
The film was first presented to the Examining Committee on December 9, 2016, only to be turned down. Soon, it was presented to a Revising Committee, which is headed by the CBFC chairman Pahlaj Nihalani, but they struck no luck there either.
Here are the grounds on which the film has been rejected:
1) The central theme of the movie is Rape
2) The movie is stuffed with abusive language, and
3) As stated before, it has “direct and indirect” references to politics.
Here are the top 3 reasons for the film rejection. It also has a list of double meaning sentences, which point to one religious group or the other, and adult conversations which portray ladies in a very materialistic manner.
The producer of the film Khalid Kidwai is quoted by a publication as follows “The movie deals with Uttar Pradesh’s real politics and local politicians. The backward classes and Dalit voters are used for political gains. The government makes schemes for their upliftment and corrupt politicians and bureaucrats reap the benefits. To take advantage of compensation given to rape victims from backward classes, fake rape cases are registered regularly and the money shared by local politicians and bureaucrats.”.
After the CBFC episode, Kidwai will be taking up the matter with Film Certification Appellate Tribunal (FCAT)
We hope that the film comes through. At least for our favorite veteran the late Om ji.
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