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OH NO! Fanney Khan’s “Mere Acche Din” song faces a CONTROVERSY!

Just a few days ago, team Fanney Khan added a very beautiful musical number to their list. The song, as many would know, is called “Mere Acche Din Kab Aayenge”. Or, given the current turn of events, it was called that once upon a time.

As many would agree, some of its wordings eerily resembled the tagline of our Honorable PM Shri Narendra Modi’s campaign “Acche Din Aane Waale Hai”. So, given that the song shared similar wordings, many went on to speculate that through the song, the makers were intending on taking a jibe at our very own Prime Minister. So, in response, the makers of the song changed the lyrics of the song to “Acche Din Ab Aaye Re” after they reportedly received calls from very influential people.

While speaking about the same, Atul Manjrekar, who has helmed the musical drama/comedy, said that “We cut a new video and released it now because our song was unnecessarily taking a political color. It didn’t strike us that this is also the slogan of the government. We didn’t expect such a reaction. Fanney Khan is a simple film about a cab driver and his dreams. I hope people see the song in the right context and not misconstrue it.”

We hope so too, Mr. Atul! First of all, there’s no monopoly over the phrase “Acche Din”. Second, we believe that now the song is renamed to Acche Din Ab Aaye Re, the song has become totally out of sync with the storyline of the film, as it is Anil Paaji’s plight and his longing for the good days that drives him to make his on-screen daughter, Lata the Lata Mangeshkar of his eyes.

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