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No contestant was allowed to know details of their prospective dates for Hear Me Love Me!

Amazon Prime Video Original’s first ever digital dating show Hear Me Love Me has been generating buzz owing to the sexiest cupid and host Shilpa Shetty Kundra along with the unique idea of virtual dating by the makers.

The show which emphasizes on choosing personality over looks has a single woman choosing the best partner from three prospective males. However, the twist to the show is that the girl isn’t allowed to see the guys and meets them virtually without even leaving her room with the help of a camera.

The bachelors wear a mini camera on their chest sharing their lives, but never revealing their faces, thereby eliminating looks as a deciding factor. After an intensive day of fast-track dating the three men, it will be decision time – where she has to choose the one who has won her heart – and all of this, without ever seeing his face. Innovative, authentic and with a broad appeal, the show puts the rules of attraction to the ultimate test because when it comes to dating, looks aren’t everything…or are they!

In order to unfold the nature of the males over the course of the show, the female contestants are not even given any social details of the guys. However, an associate from the girl’s side is allowed to meet the guy!

Amazon Prime Video Original’s ‘Hear. Me. Love. Me.’ entails young women between 21 – 32 years of age, with diverse aspirations and from different walks of life, making an attempt to find love and companionship.

The episodes released on Friday and have been receiving a warm response from the audience.

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