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The man behind Farhan Akhtar and SLB’s sets


The man behind Farhan Akhtar and SLB’s sets

This man is responsible for the sets of ‘Jail’ and ‘Padmavati’

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Meet the mastermind behind the larger-than-life Lucknow Central jail set, Amit Ray. He is also the brains behind the set of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati. One man behind two sets, but both of them are poles apart. Here’s a quick comparison of the two below

Here’s how Farhan’s Lucknow Central Jail has turned out to be:

And here’s the set designed by the same man for SLB’s Padmavati

Ray has left no stone unturned when he was handed over the challenge of recreating a jail different than the ones which have been seen in movies in the past. He has visited correction facilities around the globe, to achieve the end result of a larger-than-life, 2-acre wide prison within 90 days. Given the stark differences between the Jail set and the Padmavati set, he never gets confused when he has to visit either one. Guess 15 years of field experience teaches you a lot.

We give a standing ovation to Amit Ray’s commitment and capacity of creativity. We are thoroughly excited to see how the film makers go about utilizing the sets.

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