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Malaika walks out of an event after being questioned about her Ex-husband


Malaika walks out of an event after being questioned about her Ex-husband

A lot has been said about Arbaaz and Malaika’s separation. At a recent event in Mumbai, Malaika was irrelevantly questioned about her ex-husband and as anyone would, she stormed out – Yes, that is right! Malaika was invited as a guest at the opening of a patisserie in Bandra, soon after the inauguration, the media question and answer session began. Everything was going just fine until one of the journalists questioned her about a personal issue saying, “Everyone including you share your thoughts on social media and so does Arbaaz” to which she replied, “Thoughts toh sabke thoughts hain. How does it matter?” She left the venue soon after this incident. Ever since Malaika and Arbaaz split, the media cannot stop speculating, as neither of them are fully opening up about it. The ex-couple has formally announced that all is not well between them and they are not staying together anymore. Though, the real reason of the split is still unknown, we wonder what made this near to perfect couple part their ways?

As the old saying goes, All Good Things Come to an End – maybe this was Arbaaz and Malaika’s ‘good’ ending.

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