I love women who are married, engaged or going to get married: SRK

We think women world-over will agree that nothing compares to the charm of Shah Rukh Khan! His recent interview with Anupama Chopra in Lisbon for her new show ‘Beneath the surface’ tells us all we need to know about SRK’s perspective on love and his love for ‘other’ women!

“To begin with, I have made an art and profession out of loving women who are going to get married to someone or already married or are engaged and I run after them and I get them from wherever they are from any corner sometimes with charm, sometimes with goodness, sometimes I throw them off the building…But yeah I have a problem (laughs)…I have accepted it, it’s a problem and its chronic. The only solution is to keep doing it again and again..,” said the star who recently turned 51.

“It will sound a little pompous and all knowing, but I know all facets of love…however strange it may sound me saying it… you may find a person who knows all the theorems …you may find a person who knows all the plays of Shakespeare and you will find someone who has all the knowledge about films and I am a lot like that…I am beautiful not only physical but in a different way, I am unpredictable, I am charming, I make you glow, I make you sad, I destroy you, I distress you, I create longing for you, I create belonging in you…I could be the best thing that happened to you. I could be the best thing that happened to you…so I genuinely am like that and I believe in love like that. I know Love very well,” explained SRK.

Bollywood movies have continually seen him chase unrequited love, caught up in love triangles, love for someone else’s lady – the list just goes on and on. We guess this is what gives King Khan his undying charm and wit!

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