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Did you know Salman Khan was once tied to a rope and thrown into a well!

Salman Khan


Did you know Salman Khan was once tied to a rope and thrown into a well!

Salman Khan is one of the biggest superstars of Bollywood. For the past two decades, the actor has been entertaining us and winning our hearts. But did you know Salman Khan was interested in coming into films but wanted to have a career in swimming?

Salman was a swimming champion in school and had also represented India at various International events. But Salman’s first encounter to swimming will make you laugh out loud.

Salman learned swimming to save his life. In his biography ‘Being Salman,’ it is stated that the actor would spent his vacation in Indore from where his father Salim Khan hailed. As a child, Salman was frightened of swimming. It was only when one day his Badi Ammi tied Salman to a rope and tossed him into the neighborhood well. This turned out to be his first lesson in swimming.

While speaking about the same Salman once said “I learned swimming in Indore in a well when I was nine years old. My cousins tied a rope around my waist and threw me into the well and said ‘now move your arms and legs and you will learn swimming’. There was a turtle in the well, a small fish and a big fish and a water snake. I got so scared that I learned how to swim to save my life. After that, I won many certificates.

Well with this we surely come to know that Salman Khan is a Dabangg even in real life.

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