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Khan Brothers extend their support to Kapil Sharma


Khan Brothers extend their support to Kapil Sharma

Bollywood actor-filmmaker Arbaaz Khan  has lent his support to star comedian Kapil Sharma on his recent tweet about corruption.

Kapil is now being highly criticized for his tweet, with the Municipality pointing out and exposing Kapil’s illegal construction and demolitionment activities. Kapil is even facing backlash from various politicians, with police cases and PIL’S filed against him and ‘morchas’ being held against him.

“Every citizen in our country has their own views on politics and they know the consequences they have to face on expressing their view. If Kapil has given any inappropriate statement, he is ready to face that,” Arbaaz said at an Eid celebration event on Tuesday.

He was referring to Kapil’s tweet in which he made the shocking allegation that he paid Rs 15 crore income tax every year since the past five years, yet a municipal officer demanded a Rs 5 lakhs bribe from him to grant him permission to construct his new office.

“Everyday, someone says something and without making a correct meaning, people start misinterpreting. We say we should have freedom of expression but when we express, others start attacking. Let’s allow him to express his opinion. You agree or disagree but leave him with his statement. Why crucify? Instead of standing with him for an issue like corruption, people have started accusing him,” said Arbaaz.

Arbaaz also expressed his opinion saying that people don’t easily forgive and become intolerant.

Arbaaz’s brother Sohail, who was also present for the Eid celebrations, added saying, “Everyone has their own personal experience. I have known Kapil for long. He is one of the nicest persons I’ve ever met in my life.”

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