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Katrina: I am not commitment phobic!


Katrina: I am not commitment phobic!

Katrina Kaif may be having a busy time in her professional life, but her personal life has not been all that rosy. Earlier this year she had separated from her long time beau actor Ranbir Kapoor. Her personal life struggles have never stopped her from putting her best foot forward professionally.

In fact, during a recent interview with Rajeev Masand, she even revealed how she takes emotional setbacks as a challenge. During a recent media interaction to promote her upcoming film, ‘Baar Baar Dekho’, when she was asked whether shooting for the movie was difficult, while she was going through a personal crisis, she replied saying, “I think everyone needs to separate personal and professional lives. A lot can be said on this. A lot of people could understand what I would say if I was to say. Having said that, I have taken the decision and I have stood by that, to not talk on this topic. And I feel that is right.”

Interestingly, in ‘Baar Baar Dekho’, Sidharth’s character is commitment phobic and the actor had recently admitted that the people of this generation would relate to it more.

When the beautiful actress was asked if she feels that men are more commitment-phobic than women, she replied, “I choose to take the stand that it isn’t gender thing but a person thing. I know many women who don’t want to settle down and I also know many men who wouldn’t want to get married. If I have to generalize then I like to believe that women are more inclined towards the family. And towards attachment and protection. Most women are like that. But if you ask me personally, then I would want both” (career and marriage).

When she was asked if she will choose between career and love or marriage, she had an interesting answer to give. She said that she won’t mind giving up her career for the love of his life. She said, “Absolutely, if I wanted to. I will not be forced or coerced into it. If that is what I felt then absolutely yes. If I feel my heart should be at home and raise children absolutely yes. I believe that every woman should follow her instinct.”

Question her if she is commitment phobic and she immediately replies, “Am I considered in this generation? If yes then let me tell you I am not commitment-phobic.”

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