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Was Katrina Kaif friend zoned by Aditya Roy Kapoor?


Was Katrina Kaif friend zoned by Aditya Roy Kapoor?

Aditya Roy Kapoor talks about his personal space and his upcoming flick, Ok Jaanu!

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Since the day Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif broke up, the ‘Bang Bang’ actress is linked up with good friend Aditya Roy Kapoor. Aditya is a common friend to Ranbir and Katrina and has been maintaining the friendship with both the ex’s equally. Recently there were reports that Ranbir is not happy with the growing closeness of Katrina with Aditya. In an interview the ‘Ok Jaanu’ actor opened up and spoke about his equation with Katrina Kaif.

On his relationship with Katrina Kaif

“People make up fake news about us half the time. Yes, primarily we want our work to be spoken about. But in this industry, no matter what you do, your relationship status ends up being the most talked about thing. I have always been a private man and am not comfortable with opening up my life to the world for dissection. People make conjectures and form ideas of who and how we are. There are some things we should hold sacred.”

He further added, “Most times, actors stay mum because they don’t want the world to make a tamasha out of their lives. For instance, if you are trying to be just friends with someone, people make up stories and even link you to that person. It is a slippery slope because I don’t want to spend every two days issuing a clarification about rumours. Imagine what a pain my life would become if that were to happen. I want to save myself the trouble and allow people to think what they want to think.”

On his alleged love affair with Shraddha Kapoor

“Since so much is written about us now, Shraddha and I don’t bother bringing it up in conversations. This is just a part of the game. We don’t get affected or even care about it anymore.”

Guess Aditya just made himself official single!

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