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Katrina: An actor’s life is like that of a gypsy


Katrina: An actor’s life is like that of a gypsy

Katrina Kaif always manages to grab eyeballs, be it her personal or professional life. But the actress laughs off most of these stories, saying, “You know, this term — ‘It has been reported’ — is going to become one of the most commonly heard phrases of all time.”  In a tete-a-tete with a daily, the actress cleared her stance regarding her statement – ‘no longer makes friends in the industry’ and much more.

Few months ago, in an interview with a fashion magazine, Katrina had said that she “no longer makes friends” in a way that makes her “too attached or dependent” on them! “That’s exactly what I said,” admitted Kat adding, “If someone wants to read something between the lines, they can do so. Sometimes, in Bollywood, like any other film industry in the world, people’s personal and professional lives get mixed up. So, the directors you work with become your friends. But then you may not work with them. It becomes difficult to maintain your friendship. So, maintaining relationships is always going to be a tricky part to navigate for a director, an actor, a producer or anyone who is part of this industry.”

Ms Kaif also made a statement that the film industry “is a place of work, and sometimes we mix the personal and the professional too closely.” So is it not possible to make friends in Bollywood? “No, that doesn’t mean it’s not possible; it’s possible to have friendly relationships with the people you work with. But it’s a little tricky to navigate that path, as you are literally in each other’s pockets for three months, six months or a year. Then, all of a sudden, everything’s gone. An actor’s life is like that of a gypsy. You keep interacting with many groups of people, you work with them, you do amazing projects and then you disappear into another group. So, that’s what I meant by that statement. I hope it clarifies things,” revealed Katrina.

Post her much-hyped separation, the actress has not been in news for signing any new projects as such. Even her public appearances are limited. However, Katrina refused to agree to this and divulged further details. “I have been right here and you’ll see me much more once my next film is being promoted. I am excited about it. We were shooting for it in January and February. Then, in March and April, I was doing some work on ‘Jagga Jasoos.’ Now, I am dubbing for my next film (Baar Baar Dekho). In the coming month, I am going on a U.S. tour. It’s an amazing group of people and we are going to have some fun shows, hopefully. Then, I come back to start the promotions for my new film, while wrapping up the ‘Jagga Jasoos’,” sighed Katrina, before signing off.

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