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KJo gets vocal about the menace of being a celebrity!


KJo gets vocal about the menace of being a celebrity!

Someone really got too personal with producer-director of Indian Cinema at an airport. It seems a fan just got close enough to Karan and placed his hand on Johar’s back and asked him whether the filmmaker was homosexual. Here comes Karan Johar with the sensual reply: “Why? Are you interested?”

This incident was brought to light by the columnist Shobha De at the launch of Johar’s Memoir, An Unsuitable Boy (Penguin India), at a Plush Bandra Hotel on Monday evening.

The producer cum Director vocalized that he tends to face a lot of public humiliation about having a celebrity status and stated that, “When you’re a celebrity, people believe they own you. Perhaps, it’s because they see you every day in their living room. That allows them to cross the boundary of decency. Moreover, many people often don’t know what to say. They either are too polite or entirely inappropriate,”

Being around his best friend during the launch of his memoir, Karan Johar addresses the rumors regarding his sexuality and says it all publicly but someday not that soon. His memoir grabs all the memories of his childhood, the persuasion of his Sindhi mother and Punjabi father, being fixated to Bollywood, his love life, the Superhit AIB roast, some rivalries as well his friendships.

An entire chapter of An Unsuitable Boy is directed towards his friendship with King Khan regarding which he comments, “The book could have been called ‘A Good Boy’ — I don’t know anyone else who sits down with their mother at the end of the day and discusses teleshopping. It could have been called ‘A Brave Boy’ — to be so different, especially in this country, and to have achieved what he has is very special. And finally, the book could have been called ‘A Beautiful Boy’. He’s the most beautiful person I have ever seen in my life,”

This launch also brings out details about his fallouts with Kajol, a true friend for nearly 25 years which then got faded away. The first person to know about this was King Khan! Karan also spoke about having “paternal instincts” and realized it when he looked at  Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan and Siddharth Malhotra from Student of the Year (2012) sitting alongside Gauri Khan in the audience and he stated that, “I have a nurturing quality in me. I have love to offer. I have a strong paternal instinct.”

Phewww! All the information in KJo’s book is definitely too much to handle!

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