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Kangana Ranaut: My hotness quotient is underrated


Kangana Ranaut: My hotness quotient is underrated

Kangana Ranaut is a strong-willed and outspoken actor who says it like it is! The actor was recently honoured with the Woman of the Year Award at the GQ Awards. Kangana’s speech was a laught riot as she left no stone unturned.

She spoke about how her hotness quotient was underrated and how no one talks about her ‘abs’! Kangana said, “I have to make a confession, my hotness is so underrated. I go to the gym! Nobody talks about my abs. Not that I have any, but I have a fairly flat stomach come on. Nobody wants to know about my diet. I think it is a little unfair, no matter how many lingerie shoots I do for you all, it is always with a spirit, huh?”

Kangana’s speech on accepting he award it was undoubtedly the highlight of the event. When she was asked to say something on winning the award, the actress quipped, “I got to know a few months ago that I have won this award. They inform you way in advance. At the beginning of the year, when I just declared myself to be a ‘witch’, I got a call saying ‘You’re the Women of the Year’.” Clearly taking a dig at her detractors who were spreading stories about her.

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