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Kabir Khan on Tubelight: Maybe people were not able to identify with Salman


Kabir Khan on Tubelight: Maybe people were not able to identify with Salman

Expectations from Salman Khan’s Tubelight were sky-high, as Bhaijaan was teaming up with his Bajrangi Bhaijaan director Kabir Khan. But guess, the higher your expectations are, the harder you are bound to fall. As is known by everyone, Tubelight turned out to be such a debacle that it is now being called as Salman Khan’s worst film so far. Also, it landed up the exhibitors in some serious debt.

In a recent interview, director Kabir Khan said “I am disappointed, You make a film with a lot of love and conviction and if it doesn’t do well the way it was expected to do, it’s disheartening (Not as much as it was for us, Kabir) We can’t expect every film to do the business like Bajrangi Bhaijaan (At least you could have tried to be half as good as that film?). Every film of mine is put against Bajrangi Bhaijaan and it is unfair. I am extremely proud of Tubelight. It’s too early to analyze what went wrong with the film. Maybe people were not able to identify with the character of Salman. But I was happy with what Salman did and even he was playing this part

Seems like Kabir Khan had his own man-child film fantasy satisfied, but at the cost of the time and money that people wasted on watching it. To be fair, there have been movies in the past where the stars have played specially abled characters and those movies have done well, that too without any nonsensical superstar cameos.

When we saw the movies for ourselves, we couldn’t believe that this has been directed by a man who gave us an action blockbuster in 2012 (Ek Tha Tiger) and one of the most soulful films of 2015 (Bajrangi Bhaijaan). In fact, even the war scenes were downright unimpressive, something we never expected from an ex-documentary filmmaker who has a keen interest in such genres.

Talking about analyzing what went wrong with the film, there is an audience who will tell you as they have a consensus: Salman Khan was TERRIBLE as a man child!

If you don’t have time to look up anywhere else, here’s our Tubelight video review, courtesy That Indian Chick

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