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It’s all about Salman Khan’s safety for Salim Khan, death threats don’t matter!

Salman Khan


It’s all about Salman Khan’s safety for Salim Khan, death threats don’t matter!

As we reported yesterday, Salman Khan’s life is in danger as gangster Lawrence Bishnoi has been out on his hunt ever since the Black Buck case of 1998. We even reported how his sharpshooter Sampat Nehra was arrested by the police immediately after they came to know about his plans. But the shocking news is that he’s not the only one behind the actor’s life, yes, that’s right!

A police official said, “Three of his sharp shooters – Raju, Akshay and Ankit – are on the run and as of now we do not have their location or an idea about their whereabouts. These men pose potential danger to Salman Khan.” The official continued to add that these three henchmen wanted to flee away with Nehra while he was being taken to the court. “Due to this we made elaborate arrangements and changed the vehicles in which Sampat was being taken at regular intervals. The security was also beefed up so that the gangsters are unable to carry out their actions,” he stated.

Amidst such a hostile atmosphere, Salman’s father and legendary writer, Mr. Salim Khan, has come out and spoken about the constant death threats his son has been receiving. “There is added security for Salman, who has, in any case, always had a good team of security personnel deployed for him. It is not much of a concern for the family. We are only worried about his safety, and that is being taken care of. We have faith in the Mumbai police, and they are doing their job well.”

He continued to add, “This is not the first time that Salman has encountered threats. Everyone is concerned about safety, but work can’t stop.” Salman hasn’t spoken about the threats yet, let’s see whether he opens up about them anytime soon or not!

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