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Is THIS jeweller going to make Deepika Padukone’s wedding jewellery?

Deepika Padukone


Is THIS jeweller going to make Deepika Padukone’s wedding jewellery?

Padmaavat star Deepika Padukone has proven that there is NO ONE who can pull off the ethereal look like her, courtesy the manner in which the jeweler partners of the magnum opus had dressed her up so that she can nail the look of Rani Padmavati.

But now, it seems like her association with the brand, of whom she reportedly is a brand ambassador of, will continue further as they will reportedly collaborate for the BIGGEST event in DP’s life, which is that of her marriage to her allegedly long-time beau, Ranveer Singh.

A source was quoted saying, “Deepika is getting married to Ranveer Singh towards the end of this year, and preparations have begun in full swing for the big day. For the jewelry, the custodians of the brand that Deepika endorses have decided to design an exclusive collection, especially for her wedding. Given their association, it only seemed more natural for the jewelry company to come on board for the celebration.”

The source in question further added that “The brand will officially launch the designs and the entire collection after Deepika wears them at her wedding. This will also serve as an interesting marketing move for the brand because once DP wears the collection, the interest levels will definitely be piqued.”

The person concluded by saying, “Deepika has shown interest and will naturally be discussing with the brand team to finalize the designs. Her family members too will be giving their inputs to the team.”

So, are you excited to see her as a regal queen again? We, for one, are kind of toying with the idea of a Padmaavat-themed wedding. Now, THAT will surely be something, right?

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