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Is Bollywood AFRAID of Salman Khan?

Probably for the first time ever, Salman Khan was publically called a Don by none other than Bigg Boss 11 contestant Zubair Khan, and we had been wondering since then as to what brought him to that conclusion. So, let’s really take a look at Salman’s past, or more specifically, his tiff with B-Town.

Over the course of his career till date, Salman Khan is unarguably had the highest number of rough patches and tiffs with people in the film fraternity, and most famously (or rather, infamously) with the music side of it. While he has launched quite a few gifted musicians, he has almost ended the careers of that many too.

Let’s take the most classic example of Salman’s quarrel with Himesh Reshammiya. It so happened that Salman (or Bhai, as we know him) made a comment on Himesh’s style of singing back in 2009 in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, a show which was judged by Himesh. This launched Himesh into a “boycott Salman” spree but he stopped right dead in the tracks as his “intuition” told him that this revolt might just end his career for good. Now, where did that ‘intuition” come from? Did he see a side of Salman that one doesn’t see in public?

Then came in the infamous brawl with AR Rahman, where he picked a fight with the ace musician over the title of his upcoming film back then, Jai Ho, for which Rahman sent in a legal notice, but Salman got almost proven as Bullet Proof and called Rahman “average” in public. Was it Bhai’s “Bhaigiri” at work?

Then, comes the famous Arijit Singh row where he (Salman, we mean) almost had his song taken out from the film “Sultan” after the talented musician apparently rubbed him off the wrong way, for which you can find an open apology letter that was posted by Arijit on his Facebook account right here:

But soon, the post was taken off. So, was he told to do so? Or just like how Arijit said, he knew the consequences of it? What are those consequences that he was talking about? Does a tendency of causing those consequences made Zubair call him a “Don”?

One example of those “consequences” could be what happened to Vivek Oberoi, who called in a press conference over his then-girlfriend Aishwarya Rai Bachchan before she became a Bachchan bahu. For those in need of some context, the man, who is now being hailed for his web series Inside Edge and his stint in the Tamil film Vivegam, had a long and dry streak after that press conference, where he accused of Bhai calling him and harassing him under the influence of alcohol.

Speaking about Salman being under the influence of alcohol, how can one forget about all those allegations of domestic violence while being drunk with the likes of his ex, Aishwarya Rai and even rumors of the same set of incidents with his then live-in partner Katrina Kaif? Also, while we are at it, he was also accused of driving into a bakery drunk and taking the life of a handful of streetside sleepers. All these episodes have one thing in common: Salman becomes REALLY VIOLENT after alcohol. One might even say “Bhai aisa kuch nahi kar sakta” but there are way too many cases in which he is allegedly drunk. Too much of a coincidence?

Now, this really brings us to a question: How much of a “Human” is the man who runs a company called “Being Human”? And, why doesn’t any Bollywood tabloid really speak about the dark side of Salman? Are they worried about the “consequences” that Arijit spoke about?

Stick to this space while we decode more of Salman Khan in the days to come.

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