Is Baahubali a MURDERER?

Amongst the many reasons why SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali series is and will be remembered for are the grand sceneries in the film which were created with the help of VFX, and the kind of action that took place in these places, such as the the iconic jump that Prabhas’ Shivudu made from one rock to another while chasing Tamannaah Bhatia’s character in a song sequence in Baahubali: The Beginning

However, some of the die-hard Baahubali fanatics thought of them to be real and attempted to recreate that, which cost them their lives.

One such instance is the case of Indrapal Patil, who jumped from the Mahuli Fort in Shahpur, who missed the chance of a safe landing and thereby lost his life. The Shahpur police said that  “these leaps are inspired by the jump in the Baahubali movie.”

The deceased brother, Mahendra,  alleges that this must have been a planned attack or he must have been pushed playfully.

The local police, who have been reporting two or three such incidents every week, said  “Every year during monsoon, we have our hands full with these incidents. Last month, a man died of a heart attack while he was trying to climb up to the waterfall’s source. The police are looking to make this waterfall, a no-entry zone. “We can’t let anyone come to the area as we don’t know who will try to imitate the ‘Baahubali jump’. We prefer people missing out on enjoying nature’s beauty than people leaping to their deaths.

Well well well, guess people should understand the difference between an orchestrated reality and the actual reality itself.

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