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Here is Irrfan Khan’s message to the Indian cinema!


Here is Irrfan Khan’s message to the Indian cinema!

Irrfan Khan is one of those select few Bollywood stars who has seen the best of both worlds as he made quite a name for himself in western cinema as well. When you are accustomed to working in Bollywood as well as Hollywood, you are bound to observe the differentiating factor between the two.

On the basis of that, Irrfan Khan, while in one of his interviews during the promotions of his next Hindi Medium, shared a message which all the Indian filmmakers should certainly make a note of.

Here’s what he had to say, “There is a lot of audience. If you see the business of cinema, it is going down. The percentage of people coming to the theaters have decreased. Hollywood will keep growing. You won’t have many Baahubalis. We need more. We need Hindi cinemas to come up with stories that the local guy can relate to. We have lost the interest in telling stories. We are not concerned about telling stories. We are only concerned about the star status. Stories are just a medium. We have lost the art and drive of storytelling. Unless and until a director comes whose primary drive is to tell stories, we won’t be able to revive the strength.”

When probed whether movie streaming mediums like Netflix pose a threat to Indian cinema, he said something that every theater owners should worry about. He said “Yeah. Netflix will take away all the audience from the theaters and people will prefer watching the films on their gadgets. And this is going to happen very soon. Hollywood is growing at double the speed. And people here (in Indian cinema) are not even trying to cope up with Hollywood’s pace. They are being complacent.”

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