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Honey Singh’s revamped his own song Haye Mera Dil and it is just amazing!


Honey Singh’s revamped his own song Haye Mera Dil and it is just amazing!

Musicians revamp old classics of other and make it new, but Yo Yo Honey Singh like always surprised the audience. He remixed and gave a new tune to his own track Haye Mera Dil

Honey is known to pioneer the remixes and gives instant chartbusters. While he is also busy making new tunes the music sensation gave a new version to his 2011’s release song Haye Mera Dil.

While many songs remixes keep happening Honey is one guy who’s remixed are applauded the most, just like his Dheere Dheere, Dil Chori, Chote Chote peg or one of his hits Mast Kalandar.

The music composer went live on his Facebook handle while jamming in his studio and made his fans listen to the revamped version of the song Haye Mera Dil.

In the 35 seconds, long Facebook live we heard the music and the beats change of the track.

Check out the video here:

The song had gained popularity and Honey’s part in the song was loved by the audience.

Yo Yo Honey is one of the few Indian music composers and rappers is known to be an audience favorite with his tunes and music videos.

Be it the music, lyrics, casting, choreography, Honey Singh make sure to present his tunes as an entertainment package to the masses.

The music sensation has been yet again dominating music charts with his recent chartbusters like Dil Chori Sada Ho Gaya and Chote Chote Peg.

Yo Yo Honey Singh has been spending nearly 12 hours a day in studios in making new songs and is leaving no stones unturned.

The music sensation’s popularity spreads across the length and breadth of the country, with the fans residing across quarters.

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