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Here’s why John Abraham DECLINED to promote Parmanu in a mall!



Here’s why John Abraham DECLINED to promote Parmanu in a mall!

John Abraham is going all-out with the promotions of his upcoming film, Parmanu: The Story Of Pokhran, which will hit theatres within 48 hours of this writing.

As a part of the promotional activities, Abraham, Diana Penty and a majority of team Parmanu took to the streets of Delhi for the purpose of raising the awareness about the film via the Parmanu Pride Parade, which also saw the presence of star-struck fans, who tried their best to film the celebrities during their 15-minute-long lap in a jeep.

But, did you know that instead of hitting the road, the initial suggestion was to promote the film in a mall, but Abraham let go of that idea with a big fat no?

Why would he do something like that? Wouldn’t it have made sense to promote a film amidst 20,000 people as opposed to out in the open?

Speaking about the same, John was quoted saying, “Honestly, I was asked to go to a mall where there are 20,000 people. But I said ‘Listen, our film is not about a mall, so let’s use this as an excuse to let people feel proud about the country’. We only hear negative things in the news about India and it’s quite disheartening. So I thought let’s use today, make it an example and get people out and ask them what it is it about India that they love.”

Now, that move deserves a big salute from us!

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