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Here’s how the Baahubali mania is just going to get bigger!


Here’s how the Baahubali mania is just going to get bigger!

The Baahubali madness isn’t going away anytime soon and we have proof

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The second film of the mega franchise of the Baahubali series has been watched and re-watched by audience all around the world. We have finally received the answer to that one question which had been bugging us for more than two years.

One might think that post the revelation of the reason behind Kattapa killing Baahubali, there will be no more mysteries which need to be uncovered. But, producer Shobu Yarlagadda and creator S.S Rajamouli have a different opinion on the same.

Even though the series has seemingly concluded, Rajamouli, his father and Shobu may just make a third film (a spin-off, perhaps?) on the condition that Rajamouli’s father, KV Vijayendra Prasad comes up with a rock-solid plot.

Until then, Arka Media Works, the company behind the production of the Baahubali franchise, is giving Baahubalians a new avenue to immerse themselves into the world of Baahubali via an animated spin-off series exclusively streaming on Amazon Prime from today onwards.

Here’s the first look of the series, courtesy Rajamouli:

For the comic buffs, the world of Baahubali will also be available to you as a three-part graphic novel. The first part of the trilogy, authored by Anand Neelakantan, is available for purchase.

In case you have read the first novel cover-to-cover, let us know what you think!

Will Baahubali the animated series live up to the scale and grandeur of the movie franchise? Share your thoughts with us!

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