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Here is the REAL story behind Inder Kumar’s “suicide” video!

Inder Kumar


Here is the REAL story behind Inder Kumar’s “suicide” video!

The internet was taken by storm when a video featuring the late Inder Kumar somehow found its way to the internet. The short video features the now-deceased 45-year-old claiming himself to be an alcoholic and a womanizer and was then subsequently apologizing profusely to whosoever he claims to have hurt in one way or the other.

Touting it to be the final video that the man had shot days before he bid adieu to his life, the short phone-camera shot presentation painted a different image of the man altogether as compared to what he was known to be like.

But, turns out, the story behind that visual “suicide note” is entirely different!

While commenting on that video during a media addressing session, his wife clarified on the same saying, “It is not a real video. It is actually a scene from a film called ‘Phatti Padi Hai Yaar’

Adding to the statement above, she shared that the movie we are talking about is slated to release this year and she has no clue whatsoever on how the scene got leaked.

Commenting on whether “leaking” the video was a publicity stunt of sorts, she said that, “We would never do that. His death certificate mentions heart attack so why would we try to release a video which says otherwise? This is purely by accident,”

Well, guess now all the rumors will be laid to rest.

What’s your take on this? Let us know!

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