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Hazel to Yuvraj: Fierce should be his middle name!


Hazel to Yuvraj: Fierce should be his middle name!

Oh! It was a great match played by our heroes. Cricketer Yuvraj Singh along with his team members made the nation proud. Captain Dhoni and Yuvraj’s partnership was mind-boggling with Yuvi’s smashing 150 runs.

Yuvi is a real life hero too! In spite of experiencing a life-threatening illness nothing could actually pin him down. Yuvraj has emerged as a winner and has been an inspiration to the youth of India lately.

While the whole nation was in a state of surprise and praising Yuvi’s smashing hits, a message from his wife on social media recently caught our attention.


This post on Instagram clearly shows Hazel praising her husband’s smashing hits and winning against England.

Kudos to Yuvi’s determined spirit and his wife’s respectful message!

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