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Has Salman Khan said NO to Remo D’ Souza after Race 3?

Salman Khan should thank his lucky stars. Even his most outrageous and bizarre films are celebrated as blockbuster entertainers by his hard-core fans. But Race 3 wasn’t bizarre or outrageous, it was painful. Painful for many people to sit and watch Bhai unleash his vanity and all his unemployed actors make a mockery of themselves and pretending to appear cool, sassy and sexy, not realizing they ended up looking stupid.

Even some of his craziest fans discarded the film as nonsensical and unforgivably boring, and some even stated that Salman ruined the Race franchise’s essence and how Remo D’ Souza was the wrong choice to direct the action thriller. Owing to all such massive brickbats, Salman has developed cold feet and isn’t really keen to start Remo’s next dance drama, Dancing Dad. Although he began prepping for the film, he hurt himself during the practice sessions due to which the film was put on hold, but Salman is reluctant to green lit the film.

A source states, “Salman’s well-wishers have advised him against this project. It was affecting his health and after Race 3, they aren’t sure if Remo will be able to pull it off. So, Dancing Dad is definitely not on the actor’s list of films right now. Knowing Salman’s nature, he might give Remo another chance because they got along well during the making of Race 3.”

Do you think Salman should work with Remo again?

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