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Harshvardhan Kapoor: I admire Ranbir Kapoor


Harshvardhan Kapoor: I admire Ranbir Kapoor

Anil Kapoor’s son Harshvardhan Kapoor is looking forward to his big release ‘Mirziya’ which is all set to hit the big screen on October 7th. In an interview with a leading daily, Harsh spoke about his aspirations and his role model in the industry.

When asked whose work he admires the most in Bollywood, Harsh said, “Ranbir Kapoor.” He added, “Also, if you ask me to name an actor whose filmography I would like to have, there is nobody. But I would like a couple of films from actors’ filmographies. Like ‘Barfi’ from Ranbir, ‘Delhi Belly’ from Imran, I see myself there. Ditto with Ranveer Singh in ‘Lootera’, Abhay Deol in ‘Dev.D’ and Abhishek Bachchan in ‘Delhi-6’.”

There were rumours that Harshvardhan  is dating his dad’s onscreen daughter Sapna Pabbi in real life. For those in the unknown, Sapna played the daughter to Anil’s character in his TV show, ’24’. Sapna also played a lead role in the 2015 film ‘Khamoshiyan’. Speculations were rife that the two had been spotted at dinner dates quite often.

To this Harshvardhan replied, “I was never dating Sapna Pabbi. Sapna and I were basically seen once at some event, not even in an event, there’s a thing called Playground in Lower Parel Palladium. There were thousands of people there and somebody saw us and then made a story about it. And I don’t mind such reports as they don’t disturb me. I’m a single guy and I have nobody to answer to and if somebody wants to use me to make a story, then it’s ok.”

On a related note, Harsh was asked about him being on Tinder (a dating app). His reply  was, “If I’ll now be on Tinder, I’ll be in so much trouble because of the way the society is. I mean what I was trying to say, that quote was taken out of context. I’m 25 years old, I’m a single guy, so in that theory, I should be on Tinder, but I’m not. You have to assume that kind of responsibility, may be, once you become a public figure, you can’t really do it. Although, in America, James Franco and many of them are on Tinder. But I really love our society and I respect it and for the love, I’m getting back, it is fine to make some compromises.”

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