Harsha Bhogle sets things straight with Big B!

Harsha Bhogle sets things straight with Big B!

Every cricket enthusiast remembers the tragic dishonorable discharge of ace commentator and sports junkie Harsha Bhogle. The discharge occurred after an eye-catching tweet of none other than Big B where he speaks about how our commentators should speak more about Indian players and less about others. To add to this, the tweet was shared by none other than our ex-captain cool M.S Dhoni. Consequently, Bhogle was politely requested to exit the BCCI office premises.

Ages later, the ace commentator came candid, saying “We are different people in different situations. I actually wrote to Mr. Bachchan. I sent him a DM saying how for the past 40 years I have admired him. When I was in college in Hyderabad, and if his film was releasing on Friday, a friend of mine would bunk class on Monday to get tickets for the Saturday show. I also admired him for the dignity with which he carried himself. And I said in the message to him that given a chance, I will be happy to come and explain things to him. Mr. Bachchan replied with a long and polite message.”

“What I did explain to him was that on the Hindi telecast, we were very India-centric, though not biased, because the telecast was going only to this market. But we couldn’t do that with the English telecast, as it was going to various countries. In the past, Indian listeners would get angry when foreign commentators did not speak enough about the Indian team.” Harsha Bhogle added.

Well, seems like Mr. Bhogle has the perfect explanation for doing what he did. What would Bollywood’s original Angry Young Man have to say about this?

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