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Govinda’s opinion about David Dhawan is just shocking!


Govinda’s opinion about David Dhawan is just shocking!

Govinda’s opinion about David Dhawan is just shocking!

Filmmaker David Dhawan and Govinda go back a long way, where the duo has delivered iconic hits like Coolie No.1, Hero No.1, Haseena Maan Jaayegi, Kunwara, Jodi No.1 and Partner. But, things after Partner didn’t go too well, and consequently, the Govinda and Dhawan partnership was reduced merely to a chapter in the history of Bollywood.
Today, a leading daily got a chance to interact with Govinda, and cut right to chase by asking the million dollar question: What went wrong between the two? In response, Govinda stated that Dhawan wasn’t with him in his bad times.
According to Govinda, an air of dominance is a part of Dhawan’s nature. It’s not in him to appreciate anyone else’s work if it’s doing well. Looking at it all through Dhawan’s spectacle, is there a burning childish sensation of competition and jealousy in him?
 “He’s the jealous kind and he likes that fact that people are not doing well in their field of work. And when he feels that his work is going for a toss because of someone, he makes sure that the person doesn’t fall in his way. I think that pressure of me being a part of politics was coming on him, so he just went away. I’m not expecting anything. May god bless him.” adds Govinda.
Now, these comments were not expected for a producer, especially from the mouth of his once-upon-a-time best friend!
We wonder what Dhawan has to say about this!
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