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“Fear for my children in India today,” says veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah!

Naseeruddin Shah


“Fear for my children in India today,” says veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah!

A shocking incident happened in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, a few weeks ago, where a police officer was murdered by an angry mob on discovering the remains of a cow that had been slaughtered. Reacting to this and other incidents of mob lynching, veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah spoke on length in an interview, where he could be seen concerned and angered by such incidents.

Speaking about it the actor said, “These matters don’t scare me. They make me angry. I am angry and I believe every right-thinking man must be angry and must not fear.”

He further said, “I fear for my children…Because if a mob gathers around them and asks them are you a Hindu or Muslim, they will not have any answer…Because they have no religion. Because we chose not to give religious education to our children.” He called such incidents as ‘poison’ that have spread in the society and that it won’t be easy to place this genie back in the bottle. Referring to the incident that took place, he said, “There is complete impunity for those who take the law into their own hands. We have already witnessed that the death of a cow has more significance than that of a police officer.” 

The over 2-minute clip ended with the actor being angry about the whole incident and thus concluded by saying, “This is our home. Who dares to evict us from here?”

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