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Entertainment Ki Raat: Will this show GO IN DUMPS?

Entertainment Ki Raat


Entertainment Ki Raat: Will this show GO IN DUMPS?

Entertainment Ki Raat promised us an all-our laughter riot as the show brought together many talented people together for the pilot episode itself! The rough and tough Raghu Ram, the fiery RJ Mallishka, the fireball Harbajan Singh and many more. But, much to our disappointment, the show did not take off on the right foot.

The first episode was all about stupid cliché gags, desperate attempts to put up a comic show and Harbhajan Singh’s cringe-worthy toilet humor (Except the story that involved Yuvraaj Singh. We simply fell off our chairs on that bit!)

Now, fast forward to Episode 2, where Vidya Balan, Neha Dhupia made a splash on the show with Mallishka one more time, for obvious reasons. But then, a lot of heavy lifting was done by Vidya Balan and Neha Dhupia, where although Mallishka upped her game since the pilot, she clearly had a long way to go. If at all the second episode was enjoyable, the credit went to the cast on Tumhari Sulu and almost NONE of the fun quotient was added by the performers who were brought on to be the focus of the show. THEY HAD ONE JOB!

Given that as of now the show is not really standing on its own merit, will this show last beyond a few months AT ALL? Or, will it just become a yet another avenue for people to hop on board and promote their films?

It’s time that the cast pull their socks up and they must do so IMMEDIATELY!

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