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DECODED: Akshay Kumar’s character in and as Pad Man!

Pad Man


DECODED: Akshay Kumar’s character in and as Pad Man!

In a commendable series of events, Akshay Kumar and the team have begun the conversation around the menstrual hygiene through Pad Man, an R. Balki directorial and a Twinkle Khanna production. Judging by the posters, you get the idea of a man who will be seen making low-cost sanitary pads and even teaming up with Sonam Kapoor who he happens to meet along the way. But, have you really understood what is Akki’s character all about?

First, let us tell you that Akki as Laxmikant Chauhan in his latest release will somewhat remind you of Paresh Rawal in Oh My God! And no, that doesn’t mean that you will see him dissing the idea of god or religious practices, instead, you will witness a rational and a curious human being who is madly head-over-heels for his wife Gayatri (played by a fantabulous Radhika Apte). He is someone who has a very logical and a curious mind. He may lack in what you would call textbook knowledge, but he makes up for that with his insatiable desire to learn and emotional intelligence, which is seen through the sensitivity he shows towards his female family mates. In a fairly backward area, he is more progressive than even the best of scholars in town. He is a strong-willed, ever optimistic human being who exudes a ton load of self-confidence and the fact that he does not know fluent English does not stop him at all.

In fact, he is such a rebel that he invents his own version of the language, called Linglish! Now, he embodies the ideal care-free human being that one must take inspiration from.

Pad Man, apart from being a conversation starter for a topic which is hushed up even today, is a celebration of all the Laxmikant’s all around the globe who are contributing in their own silent ways to make this world a better place.

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