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#DearZindagiTake2 – Reveals a very essential characteristic of Alia Bhatt!


#DearZindagiTake2 – Reveals a very essential characteristic of Alia Bhatt!

Alia Bhatt reaches a whole new level of cuteness in the official trailer #DearZindagiTake2, while the dapper Shah Rukh Khan grips us with his charisma and undeniable charm, like always. The trailer gives us a view into a very important characteristic of Alia Bhatt aka Kaira i.e her PJ’s.  Her lovable-nature and sad jokes are bound to get the audience and how. The fun factor is high in this one! The minute long trailer also incorporates Shah Rukh and Alia’s first introduction – and there begins the fun frolicking, lame jokes and loads of laughter.

A Bollywood movie that is definitely going to make your heart warm and make you giggle at the same time! Check out the #DearZindagiTake2 now:

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