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Commando 2 Review: Watch this one for Vidyut Jamwal!


Commando 2 Review: Watch this one for Vidyut Jamwal!

Commando: One Man Army was an attempt to be India’s answer to the Sylvester Stallone starrer Rocky series. And it is understandable why – Vidyut Jamwal’s chiselled physique and death-defying stunts. Although we know that the Rocky series is Iconic and Legendary in every sense of the word, Commando could have well given Mr. Stallone a run for his money.

Cut to 2017. The second instalment to the Commando series is in theatres now, which is themed around the infamously famous demonetization drive in India. Although Vidyut’s action sequence are yet a treat to watch, we must remind you that there is only one. This seems to be restriction for someone who is comfortable doing gravity defying stunts.

Cut to the supporting cast. We understand that Adah Sharma’s accent has been a way of adding humour to a rather serious story, but guess that ingredient has been too over-poured in the Commando dish. Her accent simply makes her dialogues difficult to understand and the fact that she has been shown taking numerous pointless selfies since it’s a location outside India? Not cool.

Talk about the anti-heroes, Esha Gupta for starters. It’s just odd to see that every time she’s on a set, she has a comfortable chair to sit on. Even on the terrace where she is supposed to complete a high-stakes mission. We bet that even South Indian action directors cannot pull that off with any plausible justification.

What also works against the film is the number of characters, since every time you blink an eye, chances are you might see an another guy on the screen who is against Vidyut and needs to be killed. We’re sure Mr. Jamwal must have asked himself “Kis Kis Ko Maaru” at some point in the film.

Our Verdict: Commando 2 is an intelligent story but it has been executed terribly. Female lead characters could have been made more crucial, and the makers could have done away with way less characters. Time and time again the age old phrase “Too many cooks spoil the broth” has been proven right. Even in the case of Commando 2.

Our Verdict: 2/5 Stars.

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