Comedian Bharti is breaking all stereotypes through this TVC!

Comedian Bharti Singh has just made her TV commercial debut by endorsing a body lotion brand and she sends across a very important message, shaming body shamers. Bharti shares her story, disclosing how she had to deal with bodyshaming right from her childhood and despite everything has emerged as India’s comedy queen today. The comedian, also known by her stage name ‘Lalli,’ has broken all stereotypes about the average Indian girl and has redefined beauty! Bharti has surely made a difference to beauty product commercials featuring skinny models and actresses. She gives a very strong message of how being on the heavier side has nothing to do with having flawless skin and beauty.

Bharti is today tagged as the ‘Queen of Comedy’ and is a very integral part of her roast show ‘Comedy Nights Bachao Tazaa’. But laughing on yourself and still being able to be proud of it is not something everyone can do. Hence proved, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes!

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