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CBFC goes snip-snip on on Rangoon one more time!


CBFC goes snip-snip on on Rangoon one more time!

With a day left for its release, Vishal Bharadwaj’s Rangoon, which was initially given a UA certificate, has been re-edited and as many as 70 shots have been trimmed off the film. The original runtime was 2 hours 47 minutes, which has now come down to 2 hours 34 minutes.

If sources are to be believed, then the freshly edited product looks slicker and lighter than the previous one. The Board members warmed up to the final product immediately, as per a source. 

Rangoon is all set for a release this Friday. It’s a World War 2 based love story which stars Kangana Ranaut as Jaanbaaz Julia and Saif Ali Khan as a producer and Shahid Kapoor as an army personnel.

With less than 24 hours to go, we hope this film does justice to all the excitement built around it!

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