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CBFC goes after Rangoon one more time!


CBFC goes after Rangoon one more time!

One of Vishal Bhardwaj’s most ambitious projects, Rangoon has unfortunately not been garnering the kind of response that the team had been hoping for. On top of that, they have not been playing the mandatory anti-smoking ads in select screens. In some of those screens, they aren’t even showing the mandatory censor board certification. These are some serious offenses as per the censor board.

Recently, Pahlaj Nihalani of the CBFC stated: “It has been brought to our notice that Rangoon has been playing in theatres across the country and outside India without the censor certificate and without the anti-smoking short films, which are compulsory for all films that show actors smoking and/or drinking. Rangoon had many scenes showing the main leads indulging in serious substance abuse. We asked the makers to put a disclaimer ahead of the opening credits. That disclaimer has gone missing. Now, we have been informed that the anti-smoking films do not play at the beginning and after the intermission. And also that the censor certificate is not flashed at the start as per law. These are serious offences.”

In response to this episode, a visibly furious Pahlaj Nihalani is planning to take legal action. He will be presumably catching the necks of the digital team of these very theatre screens.

As if disappointing box office numbers weren’t enough, this has added on to the mountain of troubles that Bhardwaj and team are facing.

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