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Box Office Verdict: Ajay Devgn DOMINATES with his Raid!

Ajay Devgn Raid


Box Office Verdict: Ajay Devgn DOMINATES with his Raid!

Over a multitude of characters that Raid actor Ajay Devgn has played over the years, the one avatar that has truly stuck with us was his tough cop avatar, which, time and again amuses and intrigues us, and at the end of it all, we get left in complete awe of him!

And, if the numbers are to go by, his latest film, the Raj Kumar Gupta directorial has left a majority of the audience with the same feeling.

The numbers at the box office have been inching towards 100 crore and has managed to garner Rs 90.11 crore at the Box Office in 14 days.

Check them out right here:

Day 1 – Rs 10.04cr

Day 2 – Rs 13.86cr

Day 3 – Rs 17.11cr

Day 4 – Rs 6.26cr

Day 5 – Rs 5.76cr

Day 6 – Rs 5.36cr

Day 7 – Rs 4.66 cr

Day 8 – Rs 3.55cr

Day 9 – Rs 5.71cr

Day 10 – Rs 7.22cr

Day 11 – Rs 2.42cr

Day 12 – Rs 2.41cr

Day 13 – Rs 2.62cr

Day 14 – Rs 3.13 cr

Total: Rs 90.11 Crore

Even after 14 days since the release, the crime thriller is busy casting its spell at the ticket window with each passing day, and is listed in one of the few movies that continue to excite the audience even in its second week! Despite of other movies releasing last week, the movie has managed to have stable numbers.
According to trade experts, Raid is expected to sustain at the box office even in its third week and is soon going to join the 100 crore club!

So, do you think that a 100-crore big milestone is achievable? Let us know!

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