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Bigg Boss 11: When things got NASTIER in the house!

Bigg Boss 11


Bigg Boss 11: When things got NASTIER in the house!

Things are getting VERY DRAMATIC now as Bigg Boss 11 is reaching its end. As we all know, the road to the end did not really start off on the right note as the previously held luxury budget task did not turn out to be as entertaining as they usually are at the very end of the show.

So, in order to amplify the entertainment quotient of the game, the makers are clearly going to stop at NOTHING, even if that means that they will have to turn the controversial house into a state-of-the-art museum!

And when there’s a museum in the Bigg Boss house, that clearly indicates that there is a task. And when there is a task, there are nasty fights and brawls and conspiracies along with them.

Need more context? Check out the video right here:

So, what do you think will be the final outcome of it all? Let us know!

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