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Bigg Boss 11 update: When Arshi Khan turned Varun Dhawan for Hiten!

Bigg Boss 11


Bigg Boss 11 update: When Arshi Khan turned Varun Dhawan for Hiten!

Missed last night’s Bigg Boss 11 episode? Don’t you worry as we have all you need to know about what went down in the house yesterday.

It all started with Hina Khan complaining about Vikas Gupta’s injury, where she thought that Vikas is faking it. Post this, we get to see Vikas and Arshi gossiping about Hina, who they think is a cunning person and is also a bit of a control freak. The, cut to Arshi Khan, turned Varun Dhawan for Hiten Tejwani as she tried to woo him by singing “Chalti Hai Kya 9 se 12”.

Then, comes the first brawl of the episode, where Hina Khan argues with Shilpa Shinde over food. Vikas Gupta makes a reference to Shilpa’s show Bhabhi Ji Ghar Pe Hai while commenting on the fight. When it was finally time to call judgment on the performances in the task, Hina Khan was asked by Bigg Boss to choose the best two performers from the task and announce it in front of everyone. Then, comes in the nomination, where Hina Khan and Puneesh Sharma get nominated, but Arshi Khan comes to believe that Hina was, in fact, the best performer in the house.

The second brawl in the house took place when Vikas called Hina a hypocrite, and the rest became history. Sshivani Durga complains to Hina Khan that she didn’t mention that those two members have to compete for the captaincy. Hina cries in front of Sshivani and gives the explanation that she misunderstood Big Boss’ instructions.

Soon, we see that Vikas passes the opinion on his arch-rival Shilpa Shinde to be a brilliant actress. Then, he was seen resolving his issues with Arshi Khan and tells her that she is playing well. Arshi calls Vikas an innocent one. Then comes a moment of joy as everyone dances with Sshivani on her song “Mujhe bhoot se milade.

Wondering where did the padosis go? Well, Bigg Boss seems to save the best for the last as they were seen empowered with the decision to remove anyone from the nominees for the captaincy task and replace him/her with somebody else from the red team. Vikas Gupta gets nominated for the captaincy task along with Puneesh Sharma.

Soon, we see Vikas Gupta becoming the first captain for the season, something that the housemates did not seem to be happy with. Bigg Boss hands over to Vikas some powers as captain. Then, Vikas gets down to making rules and discusses them with Hiten and Arshi Khan, especially around delivering punishment.

Vikas Gupta wants to assign some duties to Hina Khan but she refuses and tells him that she will come tomorrow.

Stick to this space for the latest in Bigg Boss 11!

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